male L screw cap
Opening mechanisms
defined by female part
ca. 11 g
For material thickness
0,5 - 1,5 mm
Static breaking load N
294 N
Static breaking load KG
30 kg
threaded ring (included)
Tools for assembly
front: TOOL 10; back: TOOL 3/TOOL 8/face spanner
Height (top part; bottom part)
17,4 mm; 6,6 mm
32,5 mm (Ø)

Female Parts

Article description

The SNAP male L screw cap is ideal for applications requiring water resistance. Depending on the implementation of the fastener on the product, it can be applied to e.g. outdoor and bicycle bags. This component features an especially flat screw cap and is compatible with SNAP female L counterparts, the SNAP push female L 25 LL and the SNAP pull female L 25.

Safety instructions & further information

Is waterproof when fitted with an O-ring (O-ring included in the scope of delivery).

Not suitable for safety-related applications.

The load capacity and the suitability of the fastener depends on the size of the components and specific application on the product.

SNAP fasteners always require a combination of a SNAP male part and a female part of the SNAP, SNAP pull or SNAP push product families.

Field of application

The largest size of the SNAP components is also the strongest and ideally suited for application areas which require hard-wearing fasteners with uniquely easy operation, for example as a connector of two bags, to attach a small saddle bag or as a fastener on a school bag. Please note that the load capacity and the suitability of the SNAP fasteners are dependent on the size of the components and custom application on the product.


The SNAP male L & M screw variants can be fitted by means of a threaded ring and face spanner.


The SNAP fasteners are available in different colours and can feature an individual logo. 
On top of that, the versions with high-end metal covers achieve an especially classy visual appearance. 

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