Fullsize lifeshot with NOX epium bike

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The perfect symbiosis: battery cover with PINCLIP magnetic fastener on EPIUM E-MTBs by NOX Cycles

The EPIUM E-MTBs by NOX Cycles are a prime example of how to use symbiosis for innovation – such as their perfect combination of bio- and e-bike, or the ingenious fusion of magnets and mechanics in the installed PINCLIP mounting system by FIDLOCK. NOX Cycles has already been awarded the German Design Award 2023 for the EPIUM E-MTBs. Their design is characterised by unique attention to quality, flexibility and the ideal interplay of all details. Their key to success here is the carbon frame, which weighs only 2.7 kg and whose features and equipment combine a natural riding experience with extra power. An optimally adjustable frame geometry, the ultra-quiet Fazua Ride 60 drive and the integrated battery cover featuring the PINCLIP magnetic fastener by FIDLOCK are only a few highlights of the EPIUM E-MTBs. 

NOX epium bike with PINCLIP fastener

PINCLIP – ideal features for the battery cover of the EPIUM E-MTBs 

The EPIUM models by NOX Cycles are real eye-catchers. The hand-painted frames set a flawless design, and the PINCLIP M integrated blends in perfectly. The integrated version of the PINCLIP M magnetic fastener allows inconspicuous and flush integration into surfaces. This allows NOX Cycles to avoid not only visually disturbing fastening components on the battery cover.  

PINCLIP integrated close
PINCLIP integrated opening
PINCLIP integrated open

Naturally, the PINCLIP M integrated also offers the FIDLOCK-typical intuitive user comfort. The fastener features a small lever, allowing users to open the battery cover quickly with only one hand. Thanks to the tried and tested FIDLOCK concept, it is just as easy to reattach the battery cover after charging – simply by letting it snap back onto the frame. The lever will automatically fold back into the fastener, recreating the flush surface, and the E-MTB is ready to go in no time.

NOX bike lifeshot

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As E-MTBS, the EPIUM bikes by NOX Cycles are exposed to high forces and a lot of movement. Therefore, the battery cover must offer a secure attachment and firm hold. Here, the PINCLIP shines with ideal and rattle-free qualities. While the magnetic properties of the fastener increase ease of use, two strong metal pins ensure that it locks into place automatically and securely, creating a reliable attachment for high loads – even during thrilling downhill rides or on bumpy trails. 

You can find detailed information about other application areas, the fitting, materials, colours and other features of the magnetic fasteners on the respective product pages. Would you like to give a fastener a try? Then check out our service for samples, also located on the product pages!