Badeshorts von O'Neill mit HERMETIC dry bag
O'Neill -
waterproof pockets for more fun in the water

Ready for the waves with O’Neill surfwear – waterproof HERMETIC dry bag & sew-in pocket

In the 1950s, Jack O’Neill proved to be a true pioneer for surfers worldwide and opened the very first surf shop in northern California. Driven by passion, he created the first wetsuit in the sixties and did not stop there. Therefore, O’Neill has grown to a well-known brand for surf-, swim-, and beachwear which still closely follows the mindset of its creative and passionate founder to this day. With inventions like the surf leash or the rash guard, the brand O’Neill is a symbol for innovating surf-sports on our “Ocean Planet”.

Badehose von O´Neill mit wasserdichter Tasche von FIDLOCK

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Waterproof pocket for surfers

Watersports always come with the risk of soaking your belongings. The alternative often would be hiding them somewhere on the beach. However, thanks to the clever use of our HERMETIC sew-in pocket, this choice no longer has to be made. Due to the patented Gooper technology, the pocket of the fashionable Wp-Pocket Swim Shorts of the O’Neill Blue Collection keeps your valuables dry while you hit the water. On top of that, the “Just-let-go” automatic seal prevents false closing and will reliably snap shut even in the anticipation for the perfect wave.

Watersports Hip Bag

Jack O’Neill started to create products to be able to surf longer. With a Watersports Hip Bag by O’Neill, you can now carry on even longer. Compared to the pockets sewn into the swimming trunks, the hip bag offers more space for what you need to keep dry but want to take along. The core of the used HERMETIC dry bag is the magnetizing and waterproof closure. As the sew-in pockets do, the bag automatically seals shut hermetically and protects your smartphone, car keys or other valuables of getting wet in the ocean or sandy on the beach.

O´Neill Hip Bag mit FIDLOCK HERMETIC Technologie

You can find detailed information about application areas, the fitting, materials, colours and other features of the HERMETIC dry bag and the sew-in pocket on the dedicated page of our website.

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