fullsize picture ouca bikes with JUNIOR fasteners

Safe and comfortable on the road: Ouca Kiddiebus with FIDLOCK fasteners for child-friendly transport

With the Ouca Kiddiebus, you can transport more than just gods! Up to 8 children can be transported safely and comfortably on the Cargo E-Bike. The Kiddiebus was specially developed for daycare centres and preschools. To ensure the safety of the children, they use the FIDLOCK fasteners. Thanks to the easy use of the JUNIOR slide 3-point. The children are fastened in seconds, and the cargo bike is ready to go. Designed for a 3-point lock the fastener perfectly fits with the Ouca Kiddiebus. 

Cargo Bike by ouca bikes with FIDLOCK fasteners
Inside of the cargo bike by ouca bikes with FIDLOCK fasteners

The JUNIOR on the Ouca Kiddiebbus

The JUNIOR fasteners offer a secure hold, high comfort and an intuitive closing mechanism. Perfect when it comes to products for child safety. The one-handed use of the fastener allows that the second hand is always free for the child. This can prove decisive in terms of safety but can also be very practical in many everyday situations. Thanks to the magnetic force the easy operation of the JUNIOR slide 3-point replaces the long handling, and the cargo bike trailer is immediately ready to go.

You can find detailed information about other application areas, the fitting, materials, colours and other features of the magnetic fasteners on the JUNIOR slide 3-point action product pages. Would you like to give a fastener a try? Then check out our service for samples, also located on the product page!