Companions on your road to adventure - clever backpacks with magnetic fasteners

An adventurous lifestyle is exciting and can bring well-deserved balance into our daily routines. It can be as easy as spicing up your commute with different means of transportation, such as a motorcycle or bike. However, conventional carry solutions don’t usually serve as the most practical choice and can make a quick stop for lunch to an organizational quest. Fortunately, adventurous people create brands that conquer their daily struggles with new levels of functionality. Therefore, we want to put a spotlight on products that set out to make helpful companions and not just usual backpacks for your road to adventure – of course including clever applications of our FIDLOCK magnetic buckles!

Erode Backpack Querformat
The ERODE backpack:
protection and practicality
Edore Backpack im Einsatz auf dem Motorrad

Über den Edore Rucksack



This backpack by Erode is a wish come true for those who prefer a motorcycle as their primary means of transportation. A motorbike is an adventurous way to travel but also demands proper protection of the driver and their belongings. Julien Guery – a motorcyclist for many years and founder of Erode – came up with the idea for the ERODE backpack after struggling to find proper protection for his back that simultaneously serves as a practical carry solution. The concept of the ERODE backpack was born:

Proving that elegant design and safety can go hand in hand, the ERODE backpack features a polycarbonate shell in an urban look that protects against perforation, reduces the force of impact and dissipates it around your spinal column. Additionally, the shock is absorbed by the dorsal plates. Therefore, the backpack meets EN-1621-2 protection standards. The removable carrier bag itself focuses on practicality and mobility. Breathable, durable and waterproof materials ensure a reliable companion whenever and wherever you go on your adventures. The sternal strap can be adjusted to different body types, making the backpack unisex. Attached to the backpack are multiple FIDLOCK magnetic fasteners. Our magnetic V-BUCKLE with a black flap and a custom logo is placed on the chest strap and the opening. It allows fast access to your belongings and simultaneously maintains secure fastening. Additionally, our versatile magnetic SNAP fasteners are applied to the belt of the backpack. They serve as an easy attachment for smaller pouches, equipped with a SNAP pull counterpart, which are ideal to keep your essentials within reach.

Edore Pouch in zwei Ansichten, ausgestattet mit einem SNAP pull Verrschluss
Red Rebain Rucksack Detailansicht mit V-BUCKLE Verschluss
Red Rebane – handmade versatility for diverse lifestyles


When adventurous people create products, innovative bags such as the backpacks by Red Rebane are the result. The company creates equipment that adapts to your plans for the day. Hand made in Germany, the products are defined by high standards of quality. Red Rebane uses high-grade materials and components to create durable and highly functional backpacks as a statement against today’s throwaway society – a long-term and reliable partner on your adventures. In addition, the timeless design makes for an appearance that suits downtime in nature and your daily destinations.


Many people who live in big cities have discovered bicycles as quick and flexible means of transportation. Additionally, biking is a hobby of many, staying active and spending some time in nature. With the Purist Pro, you have one piece of luggage that fulfils the requirements for both, bicycle bags and backpacks. As a result of 14 prototypes and intensive communication with cyclists, the Purist Pro shines with quick transformation and 100% water-proof nylon fabric. The shoulder straps hide between two zippers and are ready to use after merely opening them and tucking away the flap – with mounting for the carrier – beneath the bag. Applied to the rolltop opening is another FIDLOCK V-BUCKLE: the self-securing properties won’t budge on bumpy bike trails and allow quick access to your valuables in the fast-moving cities.

Red Rebane Backpack Bilder
Red Rebane Backpack Freisteller