JoniStudio - Regenjacke, gelb, Detail

Child’s play with JoniStudio & FIDLOCK: family-friendly products with easy-peasy magnetic fasteners

Fasteners like our magnetic 3-point lock or our school bag fasteners have already proven that magnetic fastening is ideal for the use on products for children and parents. The SNAP stackable also belongs to our child-friendly portfolio and creates new levels of flexibility for our youngest. There is no better example to present the possibilities of the SNAP stackable to you than our project with JoniStudio. Their collection of clothes for preschool aged children fully focuses on supporting the needs and requirements of our offspring. The rain jacket by JoniStudio nicely presents how the SNAP stackable also supports those needs – especially when spring is calling your children into your garden:

Joni Studio Regenhose, blau, mit FIDLOCK SNAP stackable
Joni Studio Regenjacke, gelb, mit FIDLOCK SNAP stackable
Joni Studio Regenmantel, rot, mit FIDLOCK SNAP stackable

JoniStudio and truly child-friendly jackets

Why are we making it so hard for children by dressing them in clothes they can’t even put on or take off by themselves? This is the question which drives JoniStudio in their work. Things would be so much easier for parents, children and workers in childcare, if preschoolers could button up their own pants after going to the toilet or didn’t need help closing their raincoat. Therefore, Joni Studio started working on a new collection of jackets, rain pants, hats, scarfs and even bibs, giving young children a new level of independence. Of course, a fastener that can be operated by tiny hands is essential. The FIDLOCK concept has the ideal requirements and JoniStudio’s ideas quickly convinced us. So, we came together on a project to create the perfect magnetic fasteners for their collection, which resulted in the intuitive SNAP stackable.

SNAP stackable - multiple fasteners stacked on eachother

Jni Studio und der SNAP stackable Verschluss

JoniStudio applied the SNAP stackable onto the front opening and the pockets of the rain jackets with colourful designs. These are available as jackets or longer cut coats with friendly, rain-themed patterns. The SNAP stackable not only allows you to get your children ready for the rain quickly – the innovative functionality even allows them to button up their JoniStudio jacket themselves!

SNAP stackable

SNAP stackable – magnetic functionality for the youngest

The SNAP stackable serves as its own counterpart. This feature serves as the basis for the unique and child-friendly ease of use and allows the fastener to be stacked infinitely – and therefore connected from both sides. This way, kids don’t have to pay attention to what part comes on top. Furthermore, we offer three different sizes that will automatically release at dedicated tensile forces which are ideal for different applications. This creates proper fastening that can be opened easily by a child or release in dangerous situations, such as getting caught with the bib.

The SNAP stackable is ideally suited for diverse applications on apparel and other textile products for young children.  Therefore, it can simply be sewn onto different materials.

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