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Community - Riders


Joe Barnes

The Scottish enduro rider lives what he loves. When he's not on the bike himself, he's behind the camera for extraordinary video projects - usually between the barriers at races! The extraordinary videographer is also a gifted mountain biker himself. With over 40 national races won and a podium...

Lars Büngen

Inspired by his father, who raced marathons as a hobby, Lars' interest in biking was born. He rode his first downhill race in 2015 during his summer vacation in Whistler and finished in 10th place – the start of his passion and his motivation to this day. Lars' first sportive beginnings were in...

Wiebke Lühmann

In 2016. Wiebke discovered cycling for herself – and just two years later, she crossed South America by bike all by herself!   Wiebke discovered cycling for herself at a local road race. At the time, she was fascinated by the speed and lightness the women in the race exuded. Today, she...

Jasper Jauch

Jasper Jauch is a role model when it comes to "self-made" success. Despite a difficult start, Jasper got up again and again, and never lost sight of his goal. Today, the mountain bike professional can look back to national and international successes.     Jasper was first...

Francis Cade

True to his motto "The more people cycle, the better the world"  Francis Cade motivates thousands of cycling enthusiasts around the globe every day. He not only inspires his fans but also inspires others with his passion for two-wheelers. The same passion drives FIDLOCK – the perfect basis for...