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Components and
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for sports and adventures outdoors!

Innovative fasteners for the outdoor and sports industries and exciting products for bikers, travellers and outdoor adventurers

Our magnetic-mechanical fasteners and innovative products offer unique performance for high-end applications for sports and activities – be it running, adventuring outdoors, training in fitness studios, diving into the water or dashing down snowy slopes.  We take the moment of opening and closing or attaching and detaching and turn it into an experience for users, creating intuitive operation, an automatic locking mechanism, reliable fastening, great design and fun handling.
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FIDLOCK Components: Fasteners for sports & free time outdoors

Footwear, fashion, bags, and other sports equipment need high-performing, durable components. Our magnetic fasteners and buckles can live up to changing, often rough environments and high requirements in longevity and quality. Supporting users, they are the perfect match for active application areas which benefit from features such as quick, intuitive handling and single-handed use. Here, you can explore an assortment of our magnetic fasteners for sports and free time outdoors!

Preview helmet buckle - Detail SNAP helmet buckle 15

Fasteners for helmets:

Secure hold and single-handed use, even with gloves – get to know our helmet buckles, including our new versions SNAP helmet buckle 15 shaped broad for thicker webbing.


SNAP helmet 15 shaped broad

Preview of the long & short HOOK 15 helmet flat

HOOK 15 helmet flat long & short

Our magnetic helmet buckle portfolio constantly keeps expanding! Soon, two new, extra-flat versions of our HOOK family will be available - for the ideal fit on your chin strap.

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top view product rendering of the V-BUCKLE 25 sewable

V-BUCKLE sewable:

Designers working with textiles and fabrics listen up! We are proudly announcing that a sewable version of our V-BUCKLE will be available soon!  It allows innovative new fastening possibilities on footwear, apparel, and bags. Mix and match the V-BUCKLE sewable female part with the different male parts to your liking.

V-BUCKLE 25 sewable!

HOOK 40 tough on a white background

HOOK 40 tough:

With a static breaking load of up to 200 kg, this new buckle truly lives up to its name and is ideal for outdoor activities, backpacking and more!

HOOK 40 tough

SNAP retractable on a white background

SNAP retractable:

This new addition to our SNAP fasteners has a flat surface when not in use - highest performance for applications such as modular backpacks which benefit from no protruding elements on the modules.

SNAP retracable

V-BUCKLE mix and match video preview picture

V-BUCKLE mix & match:

Good to know: You can combine every V-BUCKLE male part with every female part from this product family. That gives you a maximum of technical and creative flexibility to integrate the fasteners in your product development.

Preview Footwear fasteners - Shoe with Hook tanka


We offer a broad range of innovative magnetic fasteners, specially developed for footwear by our FIDLOCK FW team - ranging from inconspicuous versions to innovative eyecatchers for sneakers, running shoes, hiking boots and more!

More about FIDLOCK FW

Get inspired by our customers and their creative applications of our magnetic buckles and fasteners on products for the sports, outdoor, and adventure industry!

Preview application KLIM - Wintersport helmt with Hook 25 alu motorbike

Get ready for adventure with this snow mobile helmet by KLIM featuring our HOOK 25 alu motorbike helmet buckle.

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Preview application SnoKart - Man with travel bag

Smooth travels to winter sports locations with the SnoKart modular luggage system and our SNAP pull and SNAP fasteners.

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Preview application Melon helmets - helmet with SNAP helmet buckle 15

Stylish & secure – highest comfort for fashion-conscious cyclers with
Melon Helmets and our SNAP helmet buckle 15.

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Preview application O'Neill - Man at the beach with swim pants inclusive HEMETIC sew-in pocket

Water-proof and self-sealing HERMETIC components for O’Neill: Allowing suffers and passionate swimmers to keep their essentials close and dry.

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Armbanduhr mit FIDLOCK-Verschluss

Time to accessorize: Functional and reliable watch straps by DSPTCH with FIDLOCK buckles.

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FIDLOCK BIKE: Magnetizing TWIST products and innovative accessories 

Created by bike fans, for bike fans: With its unique magnet-mechanical technology, TWIST revolutionized bottle holders and conquered the industry for bicycle accessories. However, we did not stop there. Our team continuously works on new, intuitive products with the highest performance for bikes – be it on the streets or mountain bike trails, for commutes or active holidays. Experience the FIDLOCK moment and explore our novelties and long runners for cycling and outdoor adventures.

smartphone bike mount on a handlebar

VACUUM: Magnetic holder for smartphones with the power of vacuum

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VACUUM is intuitive and easy to use – with only one hand. Just let your phone drop onto the holder and release it with a slight push of the lever. The ingenious connection reliably secures your phone, be it on a fully on mountain bike trails or on your city bike on everyday commutes. Additionally, VACUUM is modular and offers versatile use: on your handlebar, on the dashboard of your car, or even on your desk.


VACUUM smartphone mount for handlebars is used outdoors during a cycling trip

VACUUM handlebar base

The magnetic smartphone holder for handlebars features a low profile and can be easily installed with a clamp or cable ties.


VACUUM phone cas for use with VACUUM bases

VACUUM phone case

This slim smartphone case always protects your phone – not only on the holder. The inconspicuous case features a shockproof TPU border and a practical and decorative recessed geometry, creating a unique design with understated elegance.


VACUUM ahead cape base is used outdoors during cycling

VACUUM ahead cap base

This is the ideal mounting solution when the handlebar doesn’t offer any more space – easily installed and removed from the head tube when not needed.


VACUUM car ventilation base is used for car navigation

VACUUM car vent base

Car mount available: quickly grab your smartphone from your bike and be ready in a flash - with the ideal base for car vents. 


Road biker is placing his bottle on the bike frame

TWIST: Mounting-system for bike accessories with magnetic force and a mechanical lock

TWIST has freed the bicycle bottle from its cage. Old-fashioned and bulky bottle holders can be substituted by our tried-and-tested concept, which combines all the fun of magnetic force with the security of a mechanical lock. FIDLOCK has reinvented the way we can shred on bikes. All it needs is the small and minimalistic base, only weighing 16g. The base is part of the modular TWIST system, expandable with diverse modules: Aside from different bottles, a toolbox and a holder for ABUS Bordo locks are available. 

Biker places bottle on his bike frame

TWIST bottles

Snap to connect and twist to release is the concept of TWIST. The bottles automatically lock into place on the base and can only be detached by a rotary motion – space-saving on narrow frames and secure hold on every trail!


magnetic TWIST base on a bike frame

TWIST bases

Aside from our bike base, screwed to the frame, we also offer the uni base with reusable cable binders for the universal attachment to bikes. The tex base is ideal for the use on textiles and backpacks. Therefore, TWIST is ready to hand not only on bikes!


Hand placing a bike lock on the bike frame

ABUS ML-BordoMount für TWIST

The lock for commuting in the city, the bottle for the after-work ride – the TWIST base as the interface makes it possible! With the MonkeyLink BordoMount the ABUS folding lock can be attached to the bike via the TWIST bike base.


toolbox for bikers connected with the bike frame

TWIST toolbox

The cageless TWIST toolbox provides storage for all the tools and essentials needed for the tour: tire lever, tube, mini-tool, repair kit, pump, or CO2 cartridge.


Self-sealing, dust- and water-proof HERMETIC products – ideal for sports on land and in the water

Woman at with a boat at a lake using a dry bag


Ideal for sports in and around water

The ingenious self-sealing closing mechanism of our HERMETIC products for consumers and OEM components allows users to rely on a secure closure by just letting go. Water, dust, and sand have no chance, making HERMETIC ideal for sports equipment, outdoor gear, fitness accessories and more!

New: HERMETIC sports utilities available now!

In addition to the HERMETIC dry bags in five different sizes, we expanded the portfolio significantly with three completely new products geared towards sports use. Equipped with clever carrying systems and of course, our FIDLOCK magnetic buckles, they each offer great benefits for different sports, such as snowboarding, running or surfing.

Woman with HERMETIC armband doing sports running

HERMETIC armband

Should you be surprised by a downpour while running, the bag on the upper arm is already prepared. Be it a drizzle or a rain shower – thanks to the hermetic closure technology, the smartphone is 100% protected against water and even the finest dust.

+ skin-friendly, elastic material
+ smartphone remains touch-enabled
+ included belt extension:
quick and easy lengthening for larger sizes

dry bag on a chest during snowboarding

HERMETIC chest bag

Full speed ahead: Whether on rollers, skids, on a board or skis – the chest bag follows every track. There are no limits to the areas of application. It goes to every limit and lets no speck of dust, raindrop, or snowflake inside.

+ smartphone remains touch-
enabled & ready to record your ride
+ adjustable strap system for ideal fit
+ magnetic FIDLOCK fastener:
gear up quick & easy

Sling bag protecting essentials from rainy weather

HERMETIC sling bag

Causally across the chest or practically around the hips: the HERMETIC sling bag fits just as perfectly as it protects against moisture and dust. The sling bag offers space for the most relevant things, dear to you – be it on a city trip, a wild adventure or discovering the world on the water!

+ Different wearing options
+ Smartphone, cables, car keys, cards:
safely store your essentials
+ Quick-release strap with
FIDLOCK magnetic buckle

Smartphone in a self-sealing pocket

sew-in pockets general information

Sew-in pockets for your products: self-sealing features for textiles and bags!

The patented technology of the HERMETIC series is also available as sew-in versions in two different formats. They stand out with reliable and functional features: Be it beachboy or -girl, bike- or backpacker, smartphone junky or outdoor-enthusiast - the automatic, hermetic closure of the pockets keeps all things safe, that are important and dear to your customers.

+ accurately fitting & sewable features
+ ideal for smartphone and essentials
+ 100% water- and sand-proof
+ no interference of electronic devices and cards

+ 3 sewing options for flawless integration


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waterproof sew-in pocket for textiles

sew-in pocket L/R

The HERMETIC sew-in pocket is available as left- and right-sided versions, designed for the application on trousers.

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waterproof sew-in-pocket for textiles in a rectangular size

sew-in pocket rectangular

The rectangular shape multiplies the application possibilities: this allows our water-proof pockets to be a persuasive add-on for jackets, backpacks and more!


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