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FIDLOCK x Ocean Material
For the production of its recycled buckles FIDLOCK has formed a partnership with Ocean Material®.
Bike equipped with the pannier for records by DJ Oonops with FIDLOCK fastener
DJ Oonops X FIDLOCK bag fastener
What do a DJ and FIDLOCK have in common? Our passion for bikes, magnetic fasteners and music!
Joachim Fiedler proudly presenting one of his inventions - the FIDLOCK helmet buckle
European Inventor Award 2022
FIDLOCK’s founder Joachim Fiedler among finalists in the SMEs category
Preview image - 2M Decori - V-BUCKLE metal
FIDLOCK x 2M Decori
A unique licensing partnership for luxury metal fasteners & buckles
Full rendering of the folding kayak for bachelor thesis with FIDLOCK components
Bachelor thesis on sustainable product design for outdoor water sports
VAKAY folding kayak with magnetic components provided by FIDLOCK
Bike at night with lights - preview for MonkeyLink with FIDLOCK interface
Light modules and accessories e-bikes and bicycles
MonkeyLink as an example for custom, electric connection modules by FIDLOCK
Winner of the Special Award Workwear Couture 2021 - Design with V-BUCKLE
Special Award Workwear Couture 2021
Awarded by Engelbert Strauss - for designs with fasteners by FIDLOCK
concept image of a fidlock buckle
Successfully defending our patented technology in China
Patent infringement complaints decided in FIDLOCK's favour
Portrait of FIDLOCK founder and inventor of the Fiedler carrying systen, Joachim Fiedler
The Fiedler backpack system
The story behind Fielder Cases and the origin of FIDLOCK
ISPO 202 review - preview image - girl at lake with HERMETIC sling bag
Looking back at the ISPO Munich Online 2021
Summing up our digital experience and the new fasteners and products for sports we presented.
SW-Motech Tankbag attached to motorbike
SW-MOTECH – PRO tank bags
A success story of customizing FIDLOCK technology
Portait Joachim Fiedler
Interview with Joachim Fiedler
Founder of FIDLOCK
FIDLOCK China - Team
FIDLOCK goes China
Proudly introducing our subsidiary FIDLOCK Industrial (Shenzhen) Limited
Joni Studio - Raincape yellow
Child’s play with JoniStudio & FIDLOCK
Family-friendly products
Headquarer at Kirchhorster Straße 39 in Hanover
Moving into a new office
Clever products for crafts & construction
Hands-on with FIDLOCK
Clever products for crafts & construction
Erode backpack, black
Clever backpacks
Companions on your road to adventure
Hi Jack Sandals Astro mit FIDLOCK HOOK 25 as preview to footwear with FIDLOCK
Footwear with FIDLOCK
Tieless with magnetic buckles