A boy opening a helmet with the COINTRAP buckle by FIDLOCK

Mag(net)ically catches attention!

COINTRAP helmet buckle


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Magnetic fasteners by FIDLOCK - turn the moment of opening and closing into a unique experience.

We remember things that stand out from the ordinary – even something quick as the moment of opening and closing a fastener. For us, this moment has a special attraction which we turn into a unique experience – for you, your customers and your products! Create something memorable with a magnetic fastener, based on our one-of-a-kind FIDLOCK concept.


FIDLOCK concept

Unique magnetic-mechanical fastening technology for your products

Our fasteners are unique thanks to the combination of mechanical locking and magnetic forces. Easy handling is granteed and all our buckles can be opened with one-hand. We offer a large variety of patented closures, ideal for a wide range of industries  – from sports to clothing, children's products and much more. Together, we will find the right solution for you. The result on your product? Secure opening and closing with a combination of comfort, function & fun. And finally, additional appeal and desirability for your product!

luxury metal fasteners

FIDLOCK x 2M Decori: luxury metal fasteners

Discover elegant magnetic fasteners for fashion, footwear and accessories!

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Close-up of the built_in PINCLIP on bike frame


 Strong, intuitive & rattle-free.

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Glow in the dark buckles

Glow in the dark!

Our glow-in-the-dark V-BUCKLE.

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V-BUCKLE with recycled plastic

Recycled plastic

Recycled plastic for magnetic fasteners. 

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FIDLOCK concept sneaker

FIDLOCK Footwear

Magnetic fasteners and buckles for shoes - extravagant or inconspicuous.

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FIDLOCK helmet buckle

Magnetic buckles for helmets

Intuitive and single-handed use even with gloves. No skin pinching. For innovative headgear.

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FIDLOCK mood paper

The original FIDLOCK fasteners

Do not use fake buckles to guarantee the unique features of our patented FIDLOCK concept!

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V-BUCKLE in transparent

Transparent Fasteners

Feel the fastening technology and see how magnetic force and mechanical locks interact.
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FIDLOCK coloured buckles

Coloured fasteners

Individualise your fastener matching to your product.

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WINCH fastener by FIDLOCK


The combination of magnetic fastener and laces.


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HERMETIC magnetic bars


Magnetic, hermetically self-sealing bags for endless applications.

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Mycl Turell Jacket with FIDLOCK fasteners

Mycel Turell

Motorbike clothing with HOOK + SNAP fasteners.


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adidas hyperturf with FIDLOCK fasteners


adidas Originals counts on the SNAP + WINCH fasteners.


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